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Bell Young LearnersRanked: 11

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Child protection
Bell Young Learners

Red Cross Lane, Cambridge,
  • Price per week: £1250.00
  • Class size: 13-17
  • Top nationalities: -
  • Age range: 7+
  • Course types: Junior Summer , General English
  • Institution type: Vacation course
  • Accommodation: Residence, Campus

Last inspected: 21.07.2015

Challenged. Motivated. Committed to success. For 7-17 year olds, our young learner courses not only improve children’s English, they also develop important life skills such as confidence, responsibility, respect and teamwork, establishing their route to a rewarding future. We have four young learner schools to choose from: all traditional English buildings set in their own gardens and grounds in prestigious UK locations. Our schools have a wide range of facilities including swimming pools, tennis courts and dance studios. Whatever the goal, we have a course that will inspire your child, increase their confidence and develop their English. With our courses you can show your child what it’s like to attend a top university, study at a British boarding school or run their own business. All courses include tuition, activities, trips, accommodation and all meals. Our courses have been accredited by the British Council for over 30 years. Each student’s learning is guided by the six principles of The Bell Way, which have been developed by our academic team and an Emeritus Professor from the University of Cambridge. The Bell Way is core to everything we do at Bell, enhancing your child’s progress and ensuring their success. In our latest British Council inspection in 2015, we were awarded a point of strength for our excellent care of students. Dedicated houseparents, high staff to student ratios, on-site nurse, 24-hour supervision and an emergency helpline: together these create a safe and secure experience that ensures your child’s welfare is our highest priority. We can help you find the perfect course for your young learner. Contact us today for a full quote.

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